You are welcome to the official website of Olason Herbal Nig Ltd, the corporate body committed to research, develop and package effective natural health care products and services for the natural and holistic well being of humanity.
We apply the best combination of herbs in the provision of natural holistic health care services. Natural holistic health care in this context implies an integrated approach to health care that treats the ‘whole’ person, not simply symptoms and diseases. This encompasses the combination of accumulated medicinal plant knowledge and nutrition for the holistic healing of the body, mind and spirit.
At Olason Herbal Nig Ltd, we manufacture, market and administer natural herbal products and supplements both in our herbal centres and render convenient online natural health consultation services. Distance is not a barrier, we deliver everywhere via waybill or courier services. Browse through our treatment here, download the consultation form and carefully fill the information that applies to you in the questionnaire. You may also contact us or call our hotline number for further enquiries. Don’t miss out, subscribe to our newsletters on herbal remedies and general health tips here.