Olason Supplement For Rheumatism Arthritis And Stroke Treatment


Olason Herbal Supplement along with the massaging oil or soap can be used for the treatment of rheumatism and arthritis such as pains in the joint,  waist Pain,  muscle pains and stroke patients.

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Olason Herbal Supplement is a mixture of herbs that helps to relief pains,  strengthen the muscles, burn bad cholesterol and fats in the blood and aide the restoration of movement in the body.


Rheumatism or arthritis patients need this mixture to drink in combination of the the massaging oil or soap.  The package often come with two bottles of this mixture, massaging oil or soap for rheumatism and arthritis treatment.


Stroke treatment depends on the underling cause like diabetes,  hypertension or high cholesterol.  In addition to this mixture and the massaging oil or soap, stroke patients require more herbal combinations to control the underlining cause for faster results.

For stroke patients Please call for further explanations, cost and duration of treatment.



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